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The shopping center known as the Promenade at Brentwood was once a prominent African American neighborhood. The historic Evens-Howard Place neighborhood in Brentwood was home to generations of middle class African-American families for 90 years.

On Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air, host Don Marsh discussed the history of Evens-Howard Place with local writer Beth Miller, who’s researched the neighborhood. Also joining the discussion were Olivette Thompson, former resident of the neighborhood and Ed Wright, former alderman of the district that included Evens-Howard Place.

Brentwood hosts fight for, against food trucks

Jul 9, 2013

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: Food trucks started as a sign of city living, but they have been growing in the county for some time. And a number of St. Louis County communities are not happy about them.

Some municipalities have placed a total ban on food trucks, as Maplewood did recently. Others allow them without regulation. Brentwood has found itself somewhere in the middle.

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Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich has issued a scathing audit of the City of Brentwood.

From failing to get competitive bids to lax documentation, the report found the city’s business practices are riddled with holes. 

Brentwood got a grade of “poor” in the audit, the lowest the state auditor can give.

“We found eight problem areas and 21 issues, which is a lot for a municipality, in fact I’m not sure I can think of one where we had more,” Schweich said.  “The whole city needs to tighten up its controls.”

Casinos in the region employ thousands and pay millions in taxes every year.
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A former city manager for the St. Louis suburb of Brentwood has been banned from entering any casino in Missouri.

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The former city administrator for Brentwood, Mo. is on probation for the next five years, including six months of house arrest, for embezzling about $30,000 from the mid-county municipality.

Christopher A. Seemayer will also have to pay a fine of $2,000 and make restitution of $15,383 to the city. He pleaded guilty in June to two counts of federal program theft for taking cash advances on the city of Brentwood credit card to use while gambling at the Casino Queen in East St. Louis.  The city, unaware of Seemayer's actions, paid the bills with city funds.