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Brett Williams

Gallery 201 director Terry Suhre (left) talked with artists Brett Williams (middle) and Deborah Alma Wheeler (right) about their work in the exhibit "Exposure 18: Nervous Laughter."
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A trio of St. Louis-based artists featured at UMSL’s Gallery 210. Their work examines—and prompts—the kind of anxious and inappropriate reactions we display when a situation feels like it’s gone awry.

The exhibit, “Nervous Laughter,” is meant to engender some degree of unease for viewers; critiques of medicine and society, discussions on homosexual guilt and reason, and commentary on pop culture and the self are made with dark humor and subtle subversion. But the ultimate aim of the artists’ works is to snap viewers to attention and incite them to think.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: September 17, 2008 - Three Hundred Six is the number of miles that separate the domiciles of Stacie Johnson and Michael Behle, St. Louis and Chicago artists respectively who have curated the thusly titled show at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary in Maplewood. The show brings together artists from these two metropolises and they have both more and less in common than you would think.