Bridgeton landfill

Bridgeton Landfill Fire
5:22 pm
Fri March 15, 2013

Advocacy Groups Warn Of Landfill Fire Risks In Bridgeton

An underground fire has been smoldering at the Bridgeton landfill for more than two years.
Credit Véronique LaCapra, St. Louis Public Radio

A coalition of environmental and worker rights organizations held a meeting today to lobby government officials about the risks posed by an underground fire at the Bridgeton landfill.

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Bridgeton Landfill Fire
4:09 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

Fumes From Bridgeton Landfill Not A Health Risk, Says Mo. DNR

The subsurface fire at the Bridgeton landfill isn't visible, but residents more than two miles away can smell the fumes.
(Véronique LaCapra/St. Louis Public Radio)

A fire has been smoldering underground at the Bridgeton landfill for more than two years. People living in the area have complained of strong chemical smells, and of symptoms including burning eyes and headaches.

Earlier this month, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources tested the air there for toxic chemicals. The DNR took samples on two separate days at six sites near the landfill, including some in a residential area.

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