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12:02 pm
Wed May 1, 2013

Wash U Maps Genomes Of Two Major Cancers, Could Impact Treatment

Lines in this circos plot connect major genes involved in acute myeloid leukemia with patients whose leukemia cells have mutations in those genes.
Credit Benjamin Raphael, Brown University

In separate studies both published today, researchers at Washington University mapped the genomes of two types of cancer: endometrial cancer, and acute myeloid leukemia.

Both studies are part of The Cancer Genome Atlas project, an effort funded by the National Institutes of Health to study the genetic basis of 20 major human cancers.

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7:04 pm
Sun September 23, 2012

New research could lead to better treatment for some types of breast cancer

The new study finds that basal-like breast cancer cells (above) are genetically more like ovarian cancer than other types of breast cancer.
Matthew Ellis Washington University

Researchers at Washington University used new technology to unravel the entire genetic helix for a subset of breast cancer, called basal-like, and found that it is more like ovarian cancer than other types of breast cancer.

The study’s co-Leader, Mathew Ellis, said that means techniques used to tackle ovarian cancer could be more effective than traditional methods for basal-like breast cancer.

“The more we understand about an individual breast cancer the more we can actually treat the patient accurately,” Ellis said.  “I like to call this genome forward medicine.”

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