Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

St. Louis on the Air
4:22 pm
Wed February 26, 2014

St. Louis Athletes Go For Gold In Paralympics, Concerns Persist Over Disability Rights Abroad

Team USA Sled Hockey Defenseman Josh Pauls attends Lindenwood University.
Gregg Forwerck/USA Hockey

If you thought regular ice hockey was intense, imagine being two feet closer to the puck and the sticks. It’s called sled hockey, and it’s one of the sports Paralympic athletes will be competing in when the Paralympic Winter Games opens in Sochi, Russia March 7.

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St. Louis on the Air
8:32 pm
Thu July 11, 2013

Colleen Starkloff Continues Advocating For Rights For People With Disabilities

Colleen Kelly Starkloff

Colleen Kelly Starkloff has been on the forefront of the disability rights movement ever since she met her late husband, Max Starkloff, in the nursing home where he was confined due to a disabling car accident. Still a young man, Max was determined to live independently and help others in his situation do the same. 

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