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Crafting A Nation

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A new feature-length documentary proposes an interesting driver for the economy: craft beer.  Crafting a Nationsaid director Thomas Kolicko, "is about pursuing a dream, with beer as the vehicle that drives it."

Kolicko described crafting beer as an inefficient task, which in turn creates jobs. The film takes the audience to craft breweries in eight different states and thirteen different regions.

'Not your mother's plush'

Jun 9, 2008
from 2008 crammed organisms show 300 pixels
Rachel Heidenry | St. Louis Beacon archives

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: June 9, 2008 - A furry black creature with big teeth and pink spikes stretched out its arms in welcome at the Crammed Organisms plush show – an exhibit in four parts.

Michael Browning, a student at Washington University, came with his roommates to check out the show's first event at Delmar's Star Clipper Comics. Browning's childhood teddy bear, Teddy, looked nothing like the two-headed girls, green blobs and other works.