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Dale Helmig

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Jan. 5, 2012 - A Missouri man who received $4 million in compensation for wrongful imprisonment says Osage County owes Dale Helmig millions of dollars for the 14 years of pain and anguish Helmig suffered in prison.

"Dale hasn't just been victimized by a false incarceration," said Joshua Kezer. "Dale's life has been raped for all intents and purposes. At the very least they need to provide this man with an amount of money to live comfortably for the rest of his life."

Helmig: No anger over wrongful conviction

Aug 15, 2011
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A central Missouri man who served 14 years of a life sentence for his mother's death before his conviction was overturned says he wants to get back to normal.

Fifty-five-year-old Dale Helmig spent Monday looking for a job and visiting a sick relative while still absorbing the news that he won't face a new murder trial. He was convicted in 1996 of killing Norma Helmig in 1993.

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After 15 years, the murder of Norma Helmig is again an open case.

Osage Co. prosecutor Amanda Grellner released a statement over the weekend saying that she was dropping murder charges against Norma's son Dale, who was convicted of her death in 1996 and sentenced to life in prison without parole. The paperwork will be filed Monday.

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Whether or not Dale Helmig should be set free has been an ongoing point of legal debate since 2005, when his 1996 conviction for murdering his mother was thrown out.

Helmig, murder conviction tossed, to be freed

Dec 13, 2010

Dale Helmig's conviction status has been on the Missouri news radar since 2005, when his 1996 conviction for murdering his mother was thrown out, citing that jurors were given material during their deliberations that wasn't introduced in trial as evidence.

Today, he could be free on bond. But what happened between 2005 and now? A quick timeline: