debt ceiling

Sen. Claire McCaskill
12:17 pm
Wed July 20, 2011

McCaskill: "Gang of Six" plan makes sense

Sen. Claire McCaskill says the "Gang of Six" plan to solve the looming deficit crisis makes sense.
UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill says the bipartisan “Gang of Six” plan to steer the government away from a first-ever default on its financial obligations makes sense because it helps the deficit and lowers corporate and personal tax rates.

The democratic Senator attended the meeting on Capitol Hill Tues. where some 50 senators from both parties were briefed on the plan. McCaskill says most of the senators are excited about the compromise that was presented.

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Obama's News Conference On Debt Ceiling
10:26 am
Wed June 29, 2011

Obama's news conference on debt ceiling

President Barack Obama.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

During a press conference today, the president addressed negotiations over the federal budget deficit and debt ceiling, the economy and the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Libya.

So you can catch up or review, here's a live blog from NPR's The Two Way that breaks down the President's remarks.