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5:40 pm
Wed December 14, 2011

Experts question need for stronger cellphone ban

A driver uses a cellphone in Maine, which has laws that ban people under 18 from using cellphones behind the wheel and bar all drivers from texting.
Robert F. Bukaty AP

Originally published on Wed December 14, 2011 4:16 pm

When the head of the National Transportation Safety Board called for states to pass tough new laws banning drivers from using cellphones or hand-held devices, she said: "No call, no text, no update, is worth a human life."

While Tuesday's statement by NTSB Chairwoman Deborah Hersman is undeniable, there are those who question the advisability of such a ban. Some state lawmakers and transportation experts say it could be difficult to enforce and that there's no real evidence yet that existing laws on hand-held devices have significantly reduced accident rates.

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Texting While Driving / Gray Summit
11:54 am
Tue December 13, 2011

NTSB recommends ban on driver cell phone use following Gray Summit pileup

Firefighters work a school bus accident that killed two and injured 38 others in a chain reaction accident near Gray Summit, Mo. on Aug. 5, 2010. It has since been reported that the driver in the initial collision of the pileup was texting while driving.
(UPI/Bill Greenblatt)

Federal accident investigators recommended states ban the use of cell phones and other electronic devices by all drivers except in emergencies.

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Texting While Driving / Gray Summit
4:08 pm
Mon December 12, 2011

Driver was texting in traffic pileup near Gray Summit last year

(via Flickr/MrJasonWeaver)

Federal safety investigators say a 19-year-old driver was texting at the time his pickup truck, two school buses and a tractor-trailer truck collided in a deadly pileup on an interstate highway in Missouri last year.

The National Transportation Safety Board released the information Monday. The board is scheduled to meet Tuesday to hear the results of an investigation into the accident near Gray Summit and make safety recommendations.

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texting while driving
7:14 pm
Tue April 26, 2011

Mo. House passes texting-while-driving language

(via Flickr/MrJasonWeaver)

The Missouri House has passed a bill that includes language banning texting while driving for motorists of all ages.

Current law only bans texting while driving for those age 21 and younger.

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MO Statehouse
4:47 pm
Wed March 2, 2011

Mo. House committee considers 3 texting bills

(via Flickr/MrJasonWeaver)

A Missouri House committee heard three bills today that would extend the state's texting-while-driving ban to all motorists.

But the bills differ in how the law would be enforced.

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Texting While Driving
9:32 pm
Tue February 1, 2011

Mo. Senate gives first-round approval to extend texting ban

(via Flickr/OregonDOT)

The Missouri Senate has given first-round approval to legislation that would expand the texting-while-driving ban to all motorists, not just those ages 21 or younger.

Although the bill passed, some senators opposed to the ban attached two amendments that have nothing to do with texting-while-driving, in an effort to kill the bill.  But both were vehicle-related, so supporters changed the bill's title to include various topics related to motor vehicles. 

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Texting While Driving
10:37 am
Wed January 26, 2011

Mo. Senate panel approves bill banning texting for all drivers

A bill approving the banning of texting for all drivers, not just those aged 21 and younger, has been approved by the Missouri Senate. (via Flickr/MrJasonWeaver)

A Missouri Senate committee has approved legislation that bars all drivers from texting while driving.

Currently, only drivers 21 years old and younger are prohibited from sending cell phone text messages while driving.

But what's the problem with that system according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol?

It's hard to tell how old a driver is if an officer sees them texting.

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11:50 am
Thu December 9, 2010

Update: Sunset Hills cop Miller pleads guilty to five charges from drunk driving wreck

Christine Miller after she was arrested in 2009.
St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office

Updated at 3:45 with comments from Indian community.

Updated as of 2:15 p.m. after 1:30 p.m. court appearance:

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