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Food trucks

Food trucks usually stop at businesses and other locations throughout the St. Louis area. Many operators are hoping a more permanent location will help create more stable business.
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The effort to establish a regular spot for many of St. Louis' food trucks is back in the search phase. Supporters are looking for another potential location after a deal announced last year involving property on south Vandeventer Avenue fell through. They have been meeting to examine options, with the goal of having a new spot selected by spring.

Brentwood hosts fight for, against food trucks

Jul 9, 2013

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: Food trucks started as a sign of city living, but they have been growing in the county for some time. And a number of St. Louis County communities are not happy about them.

Some municipalities have placed a total ban on food trucks, as Maplewood did recently. Others allow them without regulation. Brentwood has found itself somewhere in the middle.