Friday the 13th

5:00 am
Fri October 31, 2014

Triskaidekaphobia: A Touch Of Irrational In The St. Louis Skyline

The 13th floor is not an option at the Chase Park Plaza residences.
Joseph Leahy / St. Louis Public Radio

If you go out looking for the 13th floor of a tall building in St. Louis, you may have a hard time finding it.

An informal survey by St. Louis Public Radio of 68 skyscrapers in the St. Louis area finds about 41 percent skip over 13 in counting their floors. Not surprisingly, most of them are hotels or residential properties where people pay to stay.

“A lot of clients do not like to have a 13th floor. They think that it is bad luck,” said Catalina Freixas, an architect and assistant professor of architecture at Washington University.

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11:36 am
Fri July 13, 2012

Nervous on this Friday the 13th? We can help

To aid against any potential bad luck, what, or who, is your 'good luck charm?' Is it learning to say paraskevidekatriaphobia? Learn how here.
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Learning how to say paraskevidekatriaphobia supposedly cures one of any Friday the 13th-related fear. We've got Korva Coleman's helpful audio pronouncer.