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St. Louis on the Air
4:46 pm
Tue November 12, 2013

How Do We Foster Media Literacy In Today's Digital World?

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With the advent of smart phones and tablets, media messages are now ever-present. And with social media, Internet television, satellite radio, blogs and self-publishing in addition to traditional print and broadcasting, the number of media messages out there is also ever-increasing.

That makes it all the more important that people have the ability to critically deconstruct the messages the media convey.

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St. Louis on the Air
12:45 pm
Tue October 30, 2012

The Importance Of Media Literacy

Show Guests from L to R: Alton Grizzle, Frank Gallagher and Jessica Z. Brown
Ariana Tobin / St. Louis Public Radio

Ongoing media coverage of Hurricane Sandy has highlighted the importance of media literacy.

Some news outlets incorrectly reported the New York Stock Exchange floor was flooded and numerous images have been doctored or a misrepresentation of current events.

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