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High-Speed Internet

Internet service at Glenwood R-8 School in West Plains is "very good, very reliable," superintendent Wayne Stewart said. It's not the same when his students go home.
Ryan Delaney | St. Louis Public Radio

There are evenings where Brittney Berry’s five children fight over the internet connection at her rural south-central Missouri home. If one tries to research a homework assignment while another sibling streams a video, someone’s getting kicked offline.


“It’s super crappy,” Berry said.

It’s a scenario that plays out in the homes of families throughout the vast Glenwood R-8 School District in Howell County near West Plains, as well as other rural parts of Missouri. There, families have few options for home internet access — none high-speed or cheap.

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Nearly a third of Missourians - or about 1.8 million people - lack access to high-speed internet, according to a report last month from the Federal Communications Commission. That means Missouri ranks 15th among all states for the highest percentage of residents not served by fiber networks that can deliver such high speeds.

Faster on ramp to the information superhighway

Aug 13, 2013

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: As Jason Deem announces the completion of his latest idea at Nebula Coworking, he’s hoping his clients might be getting a taste of a faster future – fiber.

“It’s critical, particularly for technology businesses but really for any business to have reliable internet,” he said. “As much as we’ve been expanding, the only way to accommodate the bandwidth we need was to go to fiber.”