Homeland Security

Airport Security
5:34 pm
Wed February 8, 2012

Lambert Airport to loosen security screenings for frequent fliers

Lambert Airport will loosen security screening measures for some frequent fliers.
via Flickr/Michael R. Allen

Some passengers at Lambert Airport will be allowed to keep their belts and shoes on while passing through security checkpoints.

The Transportation Security Administration is including St. Louis in a program to make check-in more convenient for frequent fliers. The TSA says the program, which has been tested at seven major airports, will expand to 28 others, including Lambert, this year. 

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Illinois / Homeland Security
1:05 pm
Fri November 25, 2011

Illinois wants to "engage statewide community" in homeland security planning

Illinois Emergency Management Agency director Jonathon Monken.
(IEMA website)

Reporting from Illinois Public Radio's Sean Crawford used in this report.

Illinois is asking for broad input on homeland security planning.  
Illinois Emergency Management Agency Director Jonathon Monken says he wants to engage the whole statewide community, not just those whose job it is to make sure Illinois is prepared.  In the past, the state took comments primarily from first responders and public health officials.  But Monken says this time, his agency wants to also hear from businesses, faith based groups and individual residents.  

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