Tens of thousands of Illinoisans in cities and hamlets throughout the state relish the intellectual stimulation, companionship and shared humanity of book clubs. Why not voter clubs?

Delivering his first speech since claiming the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday night, Sen Barack Obama pledged strong support for Israel, calling Iran the greatest threat to peace in the region.

Obama vowed that, if elected, he "will do everything in my power" to prevent the Tehran government from obtaining nuclear weapons.

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling rejecting the argument that lethal injection is inhumane allowed some states to resume executions, but it only addresses a small sliver of the controversy. Justice Stevens went on record stating that the practice of capital punishment might very well be unconstitutional.  

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Kira Hudson Banks, PhD, grew up in Edwardsville and is assistant professor of psychology at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Ill.