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Joseph Shepard

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(Updated 3:10 p.m., Friday, Dec. 27, 2013)

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill – or rather, her husband -- has bought another plane. But this time, she’s taking steps that she hopes will prevent another political uproar.

Any flights that she takes on it will be totally on her own dime. And St. Louis County’s property taxes will be paid – and on time, she says.

Still, the news has the potential of becoming another political controversy. The Missouri Republican Party already is paying close attention.

Feds Paid $40M To Firms Tied To McCaskill's Spouse

Oct 9, 2012
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Businesses affiliated with the husband of Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill have received almost $40 million of federal subsidies for low-income housing developments during her first five years in office.

McCaskill's Republican challenger, Todd Akin, claims the payments represent a "conflict of interest and a breach of trust" with voters. The Democratic senator's campaign says that is "flat-out wrong."

A state audit says oversight of nursing homes in Missouri is getting worse, noting the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services failed to conduct many required routine inspections last year.

State Auditor and U.S. Senate candidate Claire McCaskill says the department performed fewer nursing home inspections in 2005 than it did in 2003. And 58 facilities received no visit from the state.