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Kim Jong Il

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: Moral panic is a disproportionate fear of a specific danger.  The threat is definitely genuine but also unlikely to occur.  An extreme example I often cite is the prospect of an asteroid striking your home. If a supersonic boulder from outer space should come barreling through your rafters, the consequences would be dire.  On the other, if worrying about this possibility is keeping you awake at night, you’re suffering from moral panic.

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Reporting from WBEZ's Susie An used in this report.

Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk says North Korea faces instability after the death of dictator Kim Jong Il.

Kirk, a Republican, says regardless, the U.S. should attend the funeral of Kim Jong Il if invited by North Korea.

"We should sent a delegation because we should always try to build a new relationship with the regime even though it looks pretty bleak at this point," Kirk said.