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MAP grants

Illinois Program For Needy Students Runs Out Of Money

Mar 4, 2013
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Illinois has once again run out money to help needy students go to college. The cutoff to be considered for a MAP grant expired over the weekend.

If students didn't have their financial aid application in by Friday, the Illinois Student Assistance Commission says it probably won't have enough money to give them a Monetary Award Program, or MAP Grant.

Commission spokesman John Samuels, says March 1 is the earliest the state has run out of money for the program.

Illinois runs out of MAP grant cash

Mar 21, 2012
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The Illinois Student Assistance Commission has some bad news for college students looking for help paying tuition bills.

The agency has run out of cash for the Monetary Award Program, or MAP grants.

The Chicago Tribune reports that those grants are the primary source of need-based financial aid, and the scholarship money is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

This year, Illinois is on track to receive a record number of applications for the program.