James Regier, Community Mediation Services of St. Louis' mediation coordinator, and John Doggette, the organization's executive director, talk to 'St. Louis on the Air' host Don Marsh about mediation on March 18, 2015, at St. Louis Public Radio.
Alex Heuer / St. Louis Public Radio

Sometimes you need a person in the middle — an impartial mediator.

Community Mediation Services of St. Louis helps people talk about and resolve their differences.

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A new ordinance could offer struggling St. Louis City homeowners an option to help avoid foreclosure.

The program would extend a loan mediation process to any homeowner who requests it from their bank, just like the one passed two weeks ago in St. Louis County. Ignoring this request would cost a lender a $500 fine.

But, banks claim the laws violate state statutes prohibiting government intervention into the foreclosure process.  They say it would mean fewer loans and increased costs.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay disagrees.