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A number of young professionals are changing St. Louis in positive ways. But these days, it’s difficult to start any conversation without talking about the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the protests and police presence that remain in Ferguson.

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Activists who work in north St. Louis County sought to use a fourth day of protests over the shooting death of Michael Brown to channel some of the lingering anger and frustration into productive conversations.

Brown was 18 and two days away from college when he was shot and killed by an as-yet unidentified Ferguson police officer on Saturday. A peaceful protest on Sunday spiraled into a night of violence and looting. And on Monday, police officers used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse a crowd that had gathered at one of the businesses that had been looted.

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Standing on the steps of the Old Courthouse downtown, the Rev. Al Sharpton said Tuesday that he didn’t come to St. Louis in the wake of Michael Brown’s death to prompt division but to seek answers.

Until Brown’s family and the larger community have those answers, the civil rights leader told a news conference, it will be hard to achieve the peace and trust that everyone is looking for.

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St. Louis Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed has an idea about what’s driving the frustration about Michael Brown’s death. 

As federal and local investigations into Brown’s shooting death unfold, Reed said more and more people want details and quick action. They want to know what really happened when a Ferguson police officer shot the 18-year-old last Saturday.

“We need to get some information out, some good solid information out,” said Reed on St. Louis on the Air on Monday. “The people need to know what direction we’re taking. Not we, but the department is taking.”

St. Louis rapper Tef Poe.
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St. Louis artists have responded to the shooting death of Ferguson teen Michael Brown — and the ensuing protests  — with both frustration and compassion. Some reacted as fathers and former Ferguson residents while others actively joined into the weekend's protests.

Rapper Tef Poe, was in Ferguson Sunday and said he expects the events of the weekend to reverberate throughout the St. Louis hip hop community.

“I was on the ground pretty early on in the situation,” said Tef Poe. “When I got to the scene, I could still see Mike’s blood in the middle of the street.”

Ferguson By The Numbers

Aug 12, 2014

Here's a quick look at some demographics and numbers from Ferguson, Mo. For context and comparison, we've also provided numbers from St. Louis County.

Ferguson's population is 21,205. St. Louis County's is 999,147.

All of these numbers are from the American Community Survey 5-year estimates from 2012.

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A town hall meeting called by the NAACP in the wake of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson was urged Monday evening to channel anger into productive change, but not every member of the overflow crowd seemed ready to leave the community’s rage behind.

For about 90 minutes, speakers at Murchison Tabernacle CME Church at 7629 Natural Bridge Road talked about what some called an “unfolding tragedy,” reminding everyone that the real focus should be on the fatal shooting of Brown by a Ferguson police officer, not the disturbance and looting that followed.

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"The people who did the damage to this store are not our customers,” Mike Jacob said, looking around his ransacked store. “100 percent not our customers. The community here is very good, smart people. Very good people.”

Jacob owns the convenience store Sam's Meat Market and Liquor on W. Florissant Ave., one of the dozens of businesses in the process of rebuilding after rioters vandalized and stole from stores in Ferguson.

We're working to bring you the latest in the ongoing situation in Ferguson on our live blog. This map will be updated as we know more.

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Saturday's shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson resulted in overnight violence, including looting, arson and gunshots. As cleanup began Monday morning, so did discussions about the tension throughout the St. Louis area, the response in Ferguson, and the lack of information about Saturday’s shooting.

“There should be no need anywhere for a young man to lose his life,” said Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III. “We need to start talking about bridging the gap between law enforcement and the young people in the community.

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Updated 8:44 p.m. with statement from Normandy schools:

As the school year begins around the area, some districts in north St. Louis County are particularly wary following unrest in Ferguson over the weekend.

In Jennings, where students walk to school, the opening of classes Monday was postponed to Tuesday, to ensure student safety.

In a letter to families and staff released early Monday morning, signed by Superintendent Tiffany Anderson, the district said:

Turmoil In Ferguson, In One Word

Aug 11, 2014

After 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot Saturday, and a peaceful protest turned into a night of looting, arson and violence late Sunday, we asked live-blog and Twitter followers to put their feelings on the one word.

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Updated at 7 a.m. Monday The situation in Ferguson has settled down following a night of destruction. There is no more systematic looting, but small groups are still casing stores, according to St. Louis County Police spokesman Brian Schellman. "When it happened, it happened very quickly." Around 300 officers were involved in the response as the violence spread quickly into nearby communities including Jennings and possibly Dellwood. It could turn out to be one of the most violent nights in recent St. Louis history. "I've been a policeman for 12 years, all with the St.

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This is a fast moving story and we will update here when we can give a more complete picture about what we know. 

For the latest real-time updates follow our reporter Rachel Lippmann on Twitter @rlippmann.

Amid a second day of protests, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar gave the first details from his department’s investigation into the fatal shooting Saturday of 18-year-old Mike Brown by an unidentified Ferguson police officer outside the Canfield Green Apartment complex.