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Sherry Payne

A Missouri registered nurse who had to abandon plans to walk across the state to raise awareness of black infant mortality rates made her final stop in St. Louis Friday.

Sherry Payne, who is the director of the perinatal health organization Uzazi Village based in Kansas City, gave a presentation at St. Louis University on ways to improve birth outcomes for black babies.

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Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced a preliminary agreement on Tuesday with the owner of the Bridgeton Landfill.

Koster filed a lawsuit against Republic Services six weeks ago, alleging violations of state environmental laws. A fire has been smoldering underground at the landfill for two and half years.

Commentary: State Department of Health cancer study surveyed the wrong people

Mar 26, 2013

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: The Missouri Department of Health’s new report failing to link piles of uranium, thorium and radium to cancers in current residents of North St. Louis County is just like the old joke about a man who is searching for his car keys under a streetlight. When a passerby asks him where he had last seen the keys, he points toward a dark alley nearby.

"Then why aren't you looking over there?" asks the bystander.

The man looks up and replies, "Because the light is better over here."

The Department of Health looked where the light was shining, not where we think the keys were lost.

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A Missouri health official says the state could need as many as 130 temporary workers to evaluate the needs of thousands of Medicaid patients after an outside contractor quit.

Indiana-based SynCare LLC quit after three months amid complaints about its service and disagreement with Missouri officials.

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Updated 4:25 p.m. with comments from Mo. House Budget Chairman Ryan Silvey (R, Kansas City), who also oversees an interim committee looking into complaints against SynCare.

The State of Missouri is taking over the duties of SynCare, an Indianapolis-based company which won a contract in February worth as much as $5.5 million a year to determine whether thousands of Missouri Medicaid recipients qualify for home-based medical services or help with daily chores.