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Missouri Rx

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Governor Jay Nixon signed legislation today reauthorizing the state's prescription drug assistance program for low-income seniors for three more years.

Missouri Rx pays half of the cost of prescription drugs, including co-pays and deductibles, for eligible seniors. It's designed to cover the gap in Medicare prescription drug benefits known as the donut hole.

The governor says the program will still be needed even as President Obama phases in his overhaul of the health care system.

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Missouri lawmakers have passed legislation to renew the state’s prescription drug program for senior citizens and the disabled. 

Missouri RX covers half the co-pays and deductibles for individuals earning up to $21,600 per year and married couples making just over $29,000 per year.  The program’s renewal was added onto a separate bill sponsored by GOP House Member Jason Smith of Dent County.

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Often programs called "important" and "a blessing" by lawmakers on both sides of the isle aren't in much danger of elimination, but this time might be different.

207,000 low-income seniors and disabled people in Missouri participate in the Missouri Rx prescription drug assistance program. Well, at least until it expires in August 2011.

Unless the Missouri General Assembly reauthorizes it.