8:27 pm
Mon December 30, 2013

Many U.S. Families Still Recovering Lost Wealth, Say St. Louis Fed Researchers


U.S. households have come a long way in regaining wealth lost in the Great Recession, but the pace of recovery remains uneven largely due to the housing market, say researchers from the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

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Other News
9:01 am
Wed September 11, 2013

Fewer St. Louis Homeowners Struggle With Mortgages

(via Flickr/woodleywonderworks)

A new report says fewer homeowners in the St. Louis area are struggling to keep up with their mortgages.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch, citing figures released Tuesday from real estate data company CoreLogic, reports that about 11 percent of St. Louis homeowners with mortgages owed more than their home was worth. That number is down from 16 percent in June 2012. 

4:46 pm
Mon November 26, 2012

Household Debt In America, In 3 Graphs

Lead in text: 
The Planet Money team shows how mortgage and home-equity debt fit into the financial profile of American households.
U.S. households owe a bit less than they did at the peak of the bubble. But they still owe a lot: $11.4 trillion, give or take a few billion. Mortgage and home-equity debt is still by far the biggest chunk of that debt. Total U.S.
MO Statehouse
5:08 pm
Thu August 30, 2012

Missouri to get nearly $5.5 million from 2 lawsuit settlements

Attorney General Chris Koster announced on Thursday a settlement with three publishing companies over the price of e-books.
(via Flickr/jmerelo)

The Missouri Attorney General’s office has announced the state will get a share of multi-million dollar settlements from lawsuits against drug makers and book publishers.

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The Two-Way
12:02 pm
Fri August 10, 2012

Consumer Bureau Moves To Make Mortgages Clearer, Foreclosures Fewer

A "bank owned" sign in front of a home in Miami last October.
Joe Raedle Getty Images

Originally published on Fri August 10, 2012 9:45 am

Saying it wants "to protect homeowners from surprises and costly mistakes by their mortgage servicers," the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today proposed new rules it believes would make the home loan process simpler and give struggling homeowners more of a chance to avoid foreclosures.

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Mortgage sales
1:12 pm
Mon May 21, 2012

Banks face suit over failure to record mortgage sales

(via Flickr/TheTruthAbout)

The St. Clair County state’s attorney has filed suit against 22 banks for allegedly failing to record the sale of mortgages with the county.

Brendan Kelly alleges in the suit filed today that banks conspired to document those sales on a private network known as MERS, rather than at the county recorder's office in Belleville.

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Mortgage Settlement
3:45 pm
Mon March 26, 2012

Attorney General's office holding 120 mortgage settlement meetings across Missouri

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster kicked off a public information campaign in St. Louis Monday to help Missourians claim their share of a $25 billion settlement with five of the nation's largest mortgage lenders.

The Missouri Attorney General’s office is hosting 120 town-hall-style meetings across the state this week to help homeowners affected by lending abuses and improper foreclosure procedures. 

Attorney General Chris Koster  says qualifying Missourians will split about $155 million of a $25 billion settlement reached with five of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders.

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Morning round-up
9:24 am
Wed February 15, 2012

Morning headlines: February 15, 2012

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster
Missouri Attorney General's office

Koster wants U.S. Supreme Court to reject individual health insurance mandate

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster wants the U.S. Supreme Court to reject an individual health insurance mandate but uphold other parts of the federal health care law. Koster, a Democrat, said Tuesday his office filed a written argument in support of a lawsuit by Florida and other states.

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Mortgage Settlement
8:21 pm
Thu February 9, 2012

Missouri nets $196 million in mortgage settlement

Attorney General Chris Koster has directed $40 million of Missouri's mortgage settlement to the state budget.
(Joseph Leahy/St. Louis Public Radio)

Troubled Missouri home owners can expect a degree of relief from a national mortgage settlement that has been reached with five of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders.

The Show-Me State is being awarded more than $196 million of a $25 billion settlement with banks -- including Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase -- over allegations of lending abuses and improper foreclosure procedures.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says the settlement does not close the door on possible criminal charges against mortgage lenders.

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Bank of America protests
2:15 pm
Mon December 20, 2010

Six arrested at Bank of America protest

Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. (Flickr Creative Commons User AndysProductions)

KMOV-TV is reporting that six people were arrested during a protest Monday at the Bank of America branch in downtown Clayton.

According to the report:

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