Northside Regeneration Initiative

4:23 pm
Fri November 23, 2012

MO High Court To Hear Northside Case

Next week, the Missouri Supreme Court will hear a legal challenge to Paul McKee's massive plan to remake north St. Louis.

But Mayor Francis Slay is confident development will happen even if the high court rejects the incentives.

A St. Louis judge ruled in 2010 that the legislation approving nearly 400 million dollars in tax incentives for the Northside Regeneration Initiative did not contain enough specific projects.

An appeals court in June agreed, but punted to the Supreme Court because of the interest in the topic.

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Bottle District
4:10 pm
Fri November 2, 2012

Bill Making Bottle District Part Of McKee's Northside Revived

The Bottle District, situated just north of downtown, is now part of Paul McKee's Northside Regeneration Initiative.
Credit (via Flickr/pasa47)

What better time than just after Halloween for the Board of Aldermen to raise a bill from the dead.

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Bottle District
4:09 pm
Fri October 26, 2012

Northside-Bottle District Combination Hits Snag

Legislation that would make the 17-acre Bottle District part of a larger effort to redevelop north St. Louis has hit a procedural snag at the Board of Aldermen.
Credit (via Flickr/pasa47)

A measure that would combine the Bottle District north of the Edward Jones Dome with Paul McKee's larger plan to redevelop north St. Louis ran aground on a procedural motion at City Hall today.

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Developing: Paul McKee
11:52 am
Tue June 19, 2012

Mo. Supreme Court will hear McKee north St. Louis development case

The Missouri Supreme Court will consider the fate of Paul McKee's plan for a major redevelopment of north St. Louis.

The fate of a massive redevelopment in north St. Louis city will rest with the Missouri Supreme Court.

In an order issued today, the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District wrote that it agrees with a district court ruling throwing out developer Paul McKee's $8 billion plan for the 1,500-acre site, but "because of the general interest and importance of the questions involved, we order this cause transferred to the Missouri Supreme Court ..."

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Northside appeal
3:14 pm
Wed February 1, 2012

McKee case in the hands of Mo. Court of Appeals

The fate of Paul McKee's $8 billion plan to make over 1,500 acres in north St. Louis is in the hands of the Mo. Court of Appeals.
(Matt Sepic/St. Louis Public Radio)

A wait-and-see game is again underway for opponents and supporters of an $8 billion plan to make over 1,500 acres of north St. Louis city.

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Bottle District
4:07 pm
Fri December 9, 2011

Aldermen approve McKee effort to buy Bottle District site

The Board of Aldermen has approved legislation allowing Paul McKee to purchase the Bottle District site. McKee has plans for a $190 million mixed-use project.
(via Flickr/pasa47)

Paul McKee's redevelopment footprint in north St. Louis is a major step closer to growing by 17 acres.

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Griffin farewell
4:18 pm
Fri September 30, 2011

Colleagues bid farewell to April Ford-Griffin

April Ford-Griffin (center, red glasses) listens as Ald. Marlene Davis (at podium) reads a tribute resolution for Ford-Griffin. The former 5th Ward alderwoman stepped down Sept. 30 to take a job leading the St. Louis Civil Rights Enforcement Agency.
(Rachel Lippmann/St. Louis Public Radio)

They called her "Mama Duck," for the way she tried to move everyone toward consensus.

She was a "pillar" of an alderwoman despite her short stature, a small lady with big ideas, compassionate, steady, deliberate.

They gave her a crystal bowl, because, as alderwoman Marlene Davis put it, "When you look at crystal, you know that it has that shine, that gleam, but it's also sturdy and lifelong, and that's you."

That's how members of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen said farewell to April Ford-Griffin at City Hall this morning.

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Law / NorthSide Development Project
1:50 pm
Tue August 2, 2011

Mo. Supreme Court upholds constitutionality of tax credit that could affect NorthSide project

Developer Paul McKee.
(St. Louis Public Radio)

In March, the Missouri Supreme Court heard a case regarding the constitutionality of a state tax credit which, as we stated then, enabled St. Louis developer Paul McKee to buy up several tracts of land on the city’s north side.

At that time, McKee had received $28 million in tax credits for his NorthSide project and St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay signed off on the project in February.

Today, the Missouri Supreme Court said that the tax credit is, indeed, constitutional.

When the case was heard in March, attorney Irene Smith, who represents plaintiffs and North St. Louis residents Barbara Manzara and Keith Marquard,  said that the tax credit violates the state constitution by giving state tax dollars to private business interests.

The Supreme Court cited a couple different reasons for their decision.

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Northside development
11:06 am
Thu February 24, 2011

Mayor Slay signs off on Northside plan

Paul McKee, Jr. of McEagle Properties, LLC. (St. Louis Public Radio)

The final step for approval of Paul McKee, Jr’s Northside project was taken earlier this week. St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay signed off on an updated plan for the $8.1 billion project Tuesday, according to a report today by the St. Louis Business Journal.

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Northside moves forward
3:59 pm
Thu February 10, 2011

Northside projects get aldermanic approval

A small piece of an $8.1 billion plan to redevelop north St. Louis took another step forward today.

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