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By The Numbers

Interactive: Lobbying In Missouri

Nov 5, 2013

Companies and other organizations with an interest in Missouri state government hire lobbyists to influence policy in Jefferson City. In partnership with NPR, St. Louis Public Radio has a new way to keep track of all the gifts your state lawmakers have been receiving.

By The Numbers: Methodology

Apr 28, 2013

In the interest of complete transparency, we thought we would pull back the curtain and explain the methodology behind this project and the data.

We receive the data from the Missouri Ethics Commission. The MEC receives the data from lobbyists who report the expenses, and the data is sent to legislators and statewide officials before it's made public. The data is made public at the beginning of the month for two months prior -- so we get March's numbers on May 1st, and we'll get April's numbers on June 1st.