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The 47 percent, in one graphic

Sep 18, 2012

The Planet Money team breaks down the numbers behind the statistic making the news today. Learn more via the link.

We know. A post about the weekend on a Monday - but it's a very interesting post about the weekend, and what Americans actually do during those "days of rest." Check out the latest from the Planet Money team via the link.

Where the bailouts stand, in 1 graphic

Sep 10, 2012

Planet Money breaks down the "how much they got" and "how much they've paid back" of the bailouts of the financial system and auto industry. Check it out via the link.

Jobs in America, in 2 graphs

Sep 7, 2012

The Planet Money team takes a visual look at the new jobs numbers, out today. Check it out, via the link.

What are we doing all day long? The Planet Money team at NPR shows us. Does the average American day portrayed here look like yours?

Graphics: the child workforce in 1920 America

Aug 17, 2012

Another fascinating graphic and exploration from the Planet Money team. Check it out via the link.