Poetry And Performance
3:44 pm
Fri December 26, 2014

Urb Arts Races To Raise $72,000 In 72 Hours For New Arts Center

Urb Arts fundraising poster
Credit Courtesy of Urb Arts

Urban Artist Alliance for Child Development known as Urb Arts, a community arts organization, hopes to raise $72,000 in 72 hours. Founder MK Stallings said the money will fund the organization's purchase of a building in north St. Louis to remake as a new arts center.

“A professional performing arts center for community artists would elevate, I would say, the game for a lot of community artists in St. Louis,” said Stallings, the administrative and creative force behind Urb Arts.

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A First for St. Louis
11:30 pm
Wed December 10, 2014

Poet Laureate Nominee Michael Castro Says Words Can Help Heal St. Louis

Michael Castro
Credit Ros Crenshaw

Updated to include Michael Castro's poetry and interview audio, and reaction from poet Shirley Bradford LeFlore.

Except for dotting the “i’s” and crossing a “t” or two, St. Louis has its first official poet.

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St. Louis on the Air
1:41 pm
Wed November 12, 2014

Figuring Out What The Hell St. Louis Is Thinking

A typewriter for Henry Goldkamp's "What the Hell is St. Louis Thinking?" project sits in the Central West End in 2013. Passers-by were encouraged to anonymously share their thoughts.
Credit Erin Williams / St. Louis Public Radio

In 2013, Henry Goldkamp decorated St. Louis with 40 typewriters. Each of the manual typewriter stations asked passers-by to tap out their thoughts.

Goldkamp dubbed the project “What the Hell is St. Louis Thinking?” and has published a curated book of responses. The book, also called “What the Hell is St. Louis Thinking?,” will be released on Nov. 22.

So what is St. Louis thinking?

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St. Louis Poet Laureate
11:43 am
Fri November 7, 2014

Who Will Speak For St. Louis As Its First Poet Laureate?

7th Grade Poetry Foundation winner Janae Wilson and Aaron Williams at the Sept. 19 Board of Aldermen meeting.
Credit Provided by Aaron Williams

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen voted Friday to approve the new position of poet laureate, but even before their approval, nominations were pouring in.

This past Monday, a website was set up for nominating candidates. Within just a few hours, several dozen names were submitted. Many are duplicates with at least one candidate named by 10 different people, according to Aaron Williams, who is set to chair the task force that will select the city’s official poet.

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St. Louis on the Air
4:41 pm
Mon November 3, 2014

Inauguration Poet In St. Louis To Talk About Growing Up, Home And Poetry

Poet and author Richard Blanco
Credit Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Poet Richard Blanco is best known for “One Today,” the poem he wrote and read at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration in 2013. Blanco was the first Latino, first immigrant and first openly gay writer to be commissioned as an inaugural poet.

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St. Louis on the Air
2:40 pm
Mon November 3, 2014

St. Louis Seeking Its First Poet Laureate

St. Louis Board of Aldermen president Lewis Reed
Credit Provided by Lewis Reed

St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed is spearheading an effort to establish a poet laureate position in St. Louis.

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St. Louis on the Air
1:24 pm
Mon November 3, 2014

Writers Define Poetry's Role In Today's Society

Credit via Flickr/Brenda Clarke

Poetry is misunderstood.

“Poetry does have this reputation among the general public as being this highbrow kind of communication that’s only suitable for academic people and people of the intellectual elite, and is not relevant or needed for anybody else,” Missouri poet laureate Bill Trowbridge told “St. Louis on the Air” host Don Marsh on Monday.

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1:49 pm
Fri October 3, 2014

Authors, Readers Prepare For Lit In The Lou

Lit in the Lou

“St. Louis is kind of underappreciated as a literary city,” St. Louis author Ann Leckie said. “There’s the long history, but there’s also plenty of writers who are here now.”

That history, including authors like Maya Angelou and Tennessee Williams, and award-winning authors like Leckie are fueling next weekend’s Lit in the Lou festival.

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Culture in verse
4:35 pm
Fri September 19, 2014

Ferguson Events Push St. Louis’ Efforts To Name Poet Laureate

Credit St. Louis Public Radio photos

Boise has one. So do Houston and Los Angeles, and even East St. Louis. But St. Louis is one of the few major cities that doesn’t have a poet laureate, an official poet to document its culture in verse.

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After the last note
11:14 pm
Thu September 11, 2014

Free Verse: Ted Kooser

Credit image courtesy of Styx

Richard Newman of River Styx brings his poetic touch to St. Louis Public Radio. He regularly selects a poem to appear on this site. It's a free glimpse into the vibrant poetry life in this area. Today: Ted Kooser | Applause

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