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Service Animals

Mary Delach Leonard | St. Louis Public Radio and the Beacon

Some St. Louis rabbits are working like dogs as service and therapy animals. On Sunday, one will also don another hat – more of a crown, really for the Mardi Gras Pet Parade.

It’s not uncommon to see service dogs assisting vision- or hearing-impaired individuals. But a St. Louis woman named Nisha Full Moon uses a Flemish Giant rabbit as a service animal.

(via Flickr/H.C. Williams)

Miniature horses that have been trained to help disabled people will be allowed in Illinois schools and other public places under a new state law.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill Tuesday designating miniature horses as a type of service animal, like seeing-eye dogs, that can accompany people with disabilities. That includes helping people who may have a hearing impairment, seizures or an intellectual disability.

The law takes effect immediately.

(via Flickr/H.C. Williams)

Miniature horses trained as service animals may soon accompany Illinoisans with disabilities to school or the grocery store.

A new measure approved by the Illinois Senate Tuesday adds miniature horses as approved service animals.