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Morning round-up
9:20 am
Tue September 13, 2011

Morning headlines: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Missouri Senate will begin debate Tuesday, September 13 on the "Aerotropolis" tax credit.
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Missouri Senate to debate "Aerotropolis" tax credit today

An analysis shows Missouri could either gain or lose money depending on how a proposed tax credit is implemented for international trade at the St. Louis airport.

Senators met as a large group Monday night to review the cost-benefit projections prepared by the state Department of Economic Development for the so-called "aerotropolis" tax credit.

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Missouri "Facebook" law
5:29 pm
Mon September 12, 2011

Mo. Senate backs revision to teacher-Facebook law

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The Missouri Senate has endorsed legislation revising a contentious new state law that limits teacher communications with students over the Internet.

The bill given initial approval Monday would repeal a law barring teachers from using websites that give "exclusive access" to students. The provision already had been temporarily blocked by a judge last month because of free-speech concerns.

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Mo. House / Special Session
1:20 pm
Fri September 9, 2011

Local control, other measures, get first-round Mo. House approval during special session

The Missouri State Capitol Building in Jefferson City, Mo.
(Marshall Griffin/St. Louis Public Radio)

 The Missouri House of Representatives today gave both first-round approval AND passage to several pieces of notable legislation, after suspending its rules to allow for both to take place in the same day:

  • Local control of the St. Louis Police Department endorsed

The Missouri House has passed legislation that would end the state's oversight of the St. Louis police department.

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Morning round-up
9:27 am
Fri September 9, 2011

Morning headlines:Friday, September 9, 2011

A Texas County man shot and killed a mountain lion on his property in south-central, Mo.

Texas County man shoots and kills Mountain Lion

Missouri conservation officials say a property owner shot a mountain lion on his land in the south-central part of the state. The Department of Conservation said Thursday the man spotted the big male cat this week in Texas County, three miles from where a mountain lion was caught by a trail camera in July.

Mountain lions are protected, but may be shot if people perceive a threat to themselves or their property. Conservation officials say they found no reason to charge the landowner in this case.

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Local Control / Special Session
4:22 pm
Thu September 8, 2011

Mo. House committee passes legislation on local control of St. Louis police

The logo of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department as displayed on a patrol car.
(St. Louis Public Radio)

Legislation that would return control of the St. Louis Police Department to the city has easily passed a Missouri House committee.  Also, the St. Louis Police Officers' Association, a long-time foe, is now supporting the bill.

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Special Session / Tax Credits / Aerotropolis
11:15 am
Thu September 8, 2011

Mo. Senate delays debate on business incentives

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in St. Louis.
(via Flickr/dbking)

The Missouri Senate has postponed debate on the massive tax credit bill which includes $360 million for a cargo hub at Lambert Airport in St. Louis.

Debate was set to begin this morning, but some senators asked President Pro-tem Rob Mayer (R, Dexter) for more time to read the 268-page bill, which he granted.

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Morning round-up
9:23 am
Thu September 8, 2011

Morning headlines: Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Mo. Senate committee has endorsed a measure to repeal a new law restricting teachers' interaction with students over website, such as Facebook.
Flickr/Asthma Helper

Mo. Senate to consider new measure repealing teacher social media restrictions

A Mo. Senate committee has endorsed a measure to repeal a contentious new law restricting teachers' interaction with students over websites such as Facebook. The Senate Education Committee voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to repeal the law.

The action comes after  a Mo. judge issued an order in September blocking the new law from taking effect, citing concerns that it could violate free speech rights.

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Mo. Special Session
6:49 am
Thu September 8, 2011

Mo. Senate committee passes economic development bill

A Missouri Senate committee has passed a massive economic development bill. The full Senate will consider the bill on Thursday, Sept. 8.

The legislation contains numerous tax incentives, but also places caps and expiration dates on some frequently used programs.

The bill caps historic preservation tax credits at $80 million per year and low-income housing incentives at $110 million per year. 

Kevin Klingerman with Catholic Charities St. Louis told the committee that capping the circuit breaker tax break for renters would hurt the poor and elderly in Missouri.

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Aerotropolis opposition
4:12 pm
Wed September 7, 2011

Tea Party members oppose Aerotropolis at Mo. Capitol

Carolyn Scism of St. Charles, Missouri, holds a sign at Wednesday's rally at the Missouri statehouse.
(Marshall Griffin/St. Louis Public Radio)

About 30 Tea Party members held a brief rally today inside the Missouri Capitol, where they called on lawmakers to reject the Aerotropolis proposal.

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MO Statehouse: Rainy day fund
12:02 pm
Wed September 7, 2011

Silvey pushes to expand special session call

A GOP state lawmaker wants colleagues to consider tapping the rainy day fund to pay for disaster relief, including from the May 22 tornado in Joplin. Damage from that tornado is pictured here on May 24.
(UPI/Tom Uhlenbrock)

Two bills have been filed in the Missouri House regarding the use of the state’s so-called Rainy Day fund.

The first would authorize $150 million to be used to match FEMA expenditures on tornado and flood damage across the state.  The second bill would set up a joint House-Senate committee to oversee the use of Rainy Day funds for natural disasters.

They’re sponsored by House Budget Chairman Ryan Silvey (R, Kansas City).  He wants Governor Jay Nixon (D) to expand the call of the special session to include both bills.

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