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St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America

Mario González Contreras, on a speaking tour to spread awareness about the Ayotzinapa 43, attends a Saint Louis University student mass at St. Francis Xavier College Church after speaking with students.
Carolina Hidalgo | St. Louis Public Radio

Mario González Contreras doesn’t like speaking at universities.

The students who fill the lecture halls and seminar rooms are about the same age as his son, César. He notices his son’s features in their faces. Or maybe, he looks for them. And that’s when it hits him the hardest.

On Sunday evening, González stood behind a lectern at Saint Louis University’s Center for Global Citizenship. About two dozen students listened intently as he talked about his son.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: November 17, 2008 - The School of the Americas protest is a retreat in solidarity with others to remember the past and demand change for the future. Since 1999, St. Louisans have taken the nine-hour bus ride organized by the St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America to Fort Benning, GA, where they proudly chant "!Presente!"