St. Louis Zoo

Endangered Beetle Species
11:06 am
Fri July 22, 2011

Endangered beetle may return to Mo. prairie through work with St. Louis Zoo

A female American burying beetle.
(Dan Kirk)

Updated 11:52 a.m.

The endangered American burying beetle could be making its way to a southwestern Missouri prairie.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to work with the St. Louis Zoo to reintroduce the colorful beetle to Wah-Kon-Tah Prairie in St. Clair and Cedar counties.

The Zoo has a population of the beetles. Zoo officials say they have not been seen in Missouri in more than two decades.

(You might remember this earlier feature from our own Véronique LaCapra on the about some dedicated supporters in St. Louis joining a nationwide effort to save the insect).

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Chimpanzee death
3:14 pm
Wed July 6, 2011

"Father figure" chimpanzee euthanized

Zookeepers at the St. Louis Zoo on Wednesday announced they had euthanized the chimpanzee Smoke, pictured here with his foster daughter Tammy, on June 22. Smoke was 43.
(photo by Carol Weerts/St. Louis Zoo)

Updated to reflect the fact that chimp was euthanized last month.

A chimpanzee who helped foster six young apes at the St. Louis Zoo while raising his own youngster has died.

The Zoo announced today that Smoke was euthanized June 22 after veterinary staff found that an infection and inflammation in his abdomen had spread.

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St. Louis Zoo
5:25 pm
Fri June 24, 2011

Baby elephant born at St. Louis Zoo

The new addition at the St. Louis Zoo - a to-be-named Asian elephant.
(St. Louis Zoo)

Updated 2:47 p.m. July 5 with name finalized:

The St. Louis Zoo announced that a name has been chosen for the baby elephant, Kenzi, which won with 69,406 (53.88%) votes. Runner up June received 40,683 votes (31.58%), Zoe received 12,249 votes (9.51%) and Mya received 6,438 votes (5%). Write-ins received .03% of the vote.

Updated 10:27 a.m. June 28 with naming contest information

It's a girl: The latest addition to the St. Louis Zoo is a bouncing baby elephant.

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Zebra foals
11:36 am
Thu April 14, 2011

Zoo visitors get first view of new zebra foals

Zebra foals Asante (L) and Zuri (R) explore their new home at the St. Louis Zoo. Both foals were born last winter, and are venturing outside for the first time now that it's warmer.
(photo courtesy of the St. Louis Zoo)

Spring marks a lot of firsts in the city of St. Louis - the first pitch, the first Ted Drewes concrete, the first of the daffodils along area highways.

There's a special "first" this year for visitors to the St. Louis Zoo - a chance to see two new Grevy's zebra foals as they venture outside for the first time after their births.

Asante was born in November, and his half-sister Zuri arrived in January. Now that the weather has warmed up, Zuri and Asante are outside with the rest of the herd.

St. Louis Zoo
4:34 pm
Mon April 11, 2011

Elephant at St. Louis Zoo tests positive for tuberculosis

Donna, the 40-year-old Asian elephant at the St. Louis Zoo, has tested positive for tuberculosis.
(St. Louis Zoo)

A 40-year old Asian elephant at the St. Louis Zoo named "Donna" has tested positive for tuberculosis, but is expected to be just fine.

Donna the Elephant came to the St. Louis zoo as a 3-year old juvenile in 1971.

All elephants get complete medical evaluation each year including blood collection, vaccinations and trunk cultures to look for tuberculosis.

Randy Junge, the Zoo's Director of Animal Health said the 40-year-old pachyderm will live off-display for the next year, but won't be quarantined.

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Baby Lemur at St. Louis Zoo
11:35 am
Fri February 18, 2011

Baby lemur of endangered species born at St. Louis Zoo

The baby Coquerel’s sifaka, an endangered lemur species from Madagascar, born at the Saint Louis Zoo on Jan. 9, 2011. (St. Louis Zoo)

Recently, a kangaroo joey, then a rhino calf were born at the St. Louis Zoo. Now, adding to its collection of new little residents, the latest arrival is a Coquerel’s sifaka, an endangered lemur species from Madagascar.

The baby was born at the Saint Louis Zoo’s Primate House on Jan. 9, 2011.

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Groundhog Day
4:57 pm
Wed February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day? Not at the St. Louis Zoo this year

The "Punxsutawney Phil" groundhog in 2009. The Pennsylvania town is renowned for its celebration of Groundhog Day. (via Flickr/alemaxale)

If you're a little tired of this cold weather, you're in luck, as the iconic "Punxsutawney Phil" groundhog did not see his shadow this morning -- signaling Spring's early return. 

For those of you who looked for Groundhog Day-related fun a little closer to home today to no avail, that's because our new local "representative" is a little too groggy for the task this year.

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St. Louis Zoo
10:54 am
Tue January 25, 2011

Endangered black rhino calf born at St. Louis Zoo

The new baby black rhino calf at the St. Louis Zoo with its mother (St. Louis Zoo)

There's a new arrival to the world, and St. Louis.

A black rhinoceros calf was born at the St. Louis Zoo on Jan. 14. The "little" male weighs in at 120.5 pounds.

According to a press release,  the Saint Louis Zoo’s black rhinos are part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Black Rhino Species Survival Plan (SSP), a program to manage a genetically healthy population of black rhinos in North American zoos. Currently there are 60 black rhinos in 38 institutions.

The release also shares that this is the first black rhino calf to be born at the Zoo in 20 years.

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