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Steve Webb

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Gov. Jay Nixon has called special elections for three vacant seats in the Missouri House. 

Nixon scheduled elections on Aug. 5 for the 67th, 120th and 151st House districts. The north St. Louis County-based 67th District became vacant after state Rep. Steve Webb, D-Florissant, resigned after he was charged with campaign finance-related violations.

Mo. State Rep. Steve Webb Resigns After Accusations Of Stealing

Dec 2, 2013
(Tim Bommel/Mo. House Communications/cropped by St. Louis Public Radio)

Missouri state Rep. Steve Webb has resigned following charges of numerous campaign finance violations earlier last month.

The Florissant Democrat was charged with a felony count of stealing and seven misdemeanor counts of campaign finance violations.

The felony charge is for stealing and alleges that Webb solicited a $3,000 donation that was supposed to be used for a Legislative Black Caucus reception. The charges allege Webb put the money in his personal bank account.

State Rep. Steve Webb, who is facing felony stealing charges as well as misdemeanor counts of campaign finance-related violations, has apparently changed his mind and won't resign from his post, as he had promised Democratic Party leaders.

(Tim Bommel/Mo. House Communications/cropped by St. Louis Public Radio)

Updated at 11:05 a.m. 11/7/2013

Missouri Rep. Steve Webb, a Democrat from North St. Louis County, was charged Wednesday with numerous counts of campaign finance violations. Webb is facing considerable pressure from his party to step down, but has not decided if he will resign.

The misdemeanor charges against Webb are for repeatedly failing to disclose campaign contributions and expenditures.

(Tim Bommel/Mo. House Communications)

The Legislative Black Caucus is vowing to fight attempts in both the Missouri House and Senate to pass Republican-sponsored workplace discrimination bills.

Currently, an employee can sue his or her employer if discrimination is found to be a contributing factor in any action taken against that worker.  Both House and Senate versions of the bill would require that discrimination be a motivating factor instead.   Democrat Steve Webb of North County chairs the Black Caucus.