Timothy Dolan

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He is still seen as a long shot, but Cardinal Timothy Dolan's friends and relatives in the St. Louis area are watching closely as the process of choosing a new pope begins.

Dolan is among 115 cardinal electors at the Vatican to select the next pope. Some experts say Dolan himself is an unlikely choice because he's American and because he was elevated to cardinal just 13 months ago.

(via Flickr/photoactionusa)

Choosing the next Pope in Rome will be among a St. Louis native's new responsibilities when he is elevated to Cardinal next month.  New York's Archbishop, Timothy Dolan, is among 22 new Cardinals being appointed by Pope Benedict XVI.

Dolan grew up in the St. Louis suburb of Ballwin and attended high school at St. Louis Preparatory Seminary South. In the early 90s Dolan became vice rector of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary.

He said he is used to the color red.