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Voter Initiatives

Humane Society finances another Mo. initiative

Jul 18, 2011
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The Humane Society of the United States has contributed nearly $93,000 toward a Missouri initiative that would make it harder for state lawmakers to change voter-approved measures.

Mo. ballot measure aimed at initiative petitions

Jun 28, 2011
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A proposed ballot measure would make it more difficult for state lawmakers to overhaul initiatives that win approval from Missouri voters.

Legislators may get last word on voter initiatives

Mar 23, 2011
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Missouri is one of 24 states where citizens who gather enough signatures can put a question on the ballot.

They’re called voter initiatives.

While voters have the ability to enact laws in Missouri, those laws can be changed or even overturned by legislators.

This year, two voter-approved laws, one on puppy mills, the other on the minimum wage, have been targeted at the state capitol.

St. Louis Public Radio’s Maria Altman reports.