National Guard Wedding
5:00 am
Fri August 9, 2013

Meet The Military Couple Who Fit A Little Wedding Into The Great Flood Of 1993

Robert and Christine Schuler Hurst make their August 9, 1993 wedding official with a kiss. The couple had been deployed to Festus with the Missouri National Guard.
(Courtesy of the Post-Dispatch, photo by Renyold Ferguson)

Twenty years ago, the flood of 1993 changed lives up and down the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

Fifty-five thousand homes and 33,000 businesses were destroyed. Fifty people were killed. Damages totaled in the billions.

But in the midst of the devastation, there were moments of joy, too.

For two former soldiers in the Missouri National Guard, the flood of 1993 marked the start of their lives, together.

This is their story

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