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Boston Mayor: Stop Jumping Out Of Windows Into Snowbanks


Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh, has another weather-related problem - one he probably didn't see coming.


MAYOR MARTY WALSH: There was a report last night - something going around on Twitter where people are jumping out windows into snowbanks.

CORNISH: To be clear, he means second-story windows.


We know Beantown's had almost five feet of snow this month, and as they dig out, people have piled it even higher.

CORNISH: Those snowbanks are wicked high and apparently, very tempting. Now, to some, snow jumping sounds like a new, exciting winter sport - not to Mayor Walsh.

MCEVERS: He gives this warning - don't let cabin fever mess with common sense.


WALSH: First of all, it's a foolish thing to do, and you could kill yourself.

MCEVERS: You could - let's count the ways.

CORNISH: Objects like shovels lurking in snow.

MCEVERS: Cars you forgot you had.

CORNISH: You could land on a snow pack that looks soft but is really as hard as concrete.

MCEVERS: All reasons why Mayor Walsh wants you to think before you leap.

WALSH: This isn't Loon Mountain. This is the city of Boston.

CORNISH: Loon Mountain is not a reference to crazy town. It's a ski park in New Hampshire.

MCEVERS: The people of Loon Mountain agree with the mayor and tweeted at everyone to act responsibly.

CORNISH: So will this be enough to keep window snow jumping from becoming a thing? Time and Twitter hashtags will tell. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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