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Thank You to Our Summer Interns!

(L to R) Daniel McCready and Isabel Fenoglio, STLPR's Development Dept. Summer Interns

This summer, St. Louis Public Radio’s membership and development department was able to utilize the skills and talents of not one, but two interns, Daniel McCready and Isabel Fenoglio (left and right). Both were tremendously helpful additions to our staff, and were able to make your donations go even further this summer.

Before they went back to school, we were able to ask them about themselves and their favorite parts of their summer internships.

STLPR: Where do you go to school?

Dan McCready: I'm currently beginning my second year in the Masters of Social Work program at Washington University.

Isabel Fenolgio: I’ll be a senior at MICDS.

STLPR: What brought you to St. Louis Public Radio?

IF: I’ve always been interested in journalism, and I got my internship through the Bank of America Student Leaders Program. It provides for an eight-week internship at a non-profit and a trip to Washington D.C. for a leadership conference.

DM: I’ve listened to STLPR since coming to WashU.

STLPR: And what was your primary role here?

IF: I did a little of everything! I spent three weeks in the newsroom, helping produce and edit sound bites for the radio and podcasts, and I got to go on an assignment with a reporter as well. Then I spent four weeks in the development department, helping create lists of contacts and donors to follow up with, and did some blogging too.

DM: I worked exclusively with the membership department, entering and reporting on data, writing a little bit for their blog, and assisting their staff and volunteers. My internship in the development department allowed me to see how important budgeting and fiscal management is to the health of a non-profit. STLPR is acutely aware of ensuring individual donations are being used effectively and also making sure donors know that they're an integral part of what the station brings to the community.

STLPR: What was your favorite part of the internship?

DM: For me, there was an expectation that I could be independent and create the internship I wanted, there was very little hand-holding. From the first day of my internship, it was clear that I could ask anyone in the department anything and I'd receive a thoughtful answer. It was great. I'd thoroughly recommend it!

IF: Definitely the people! Everyone was very nice and helpful.

Thank you to Daniel and Isabel for their hard work this summer! If you’re interested in interning with St. Louis Public Radio, click here to see the deadlines for applications. If you don’t like waiting, contact Zack Stovall at 314-516-7481 or volunteers@stlpublicradio.org for more information about volunteering with the station.

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