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Yolanda Crochrell, center, helps a Granite City resident fill out her census form online in Venice, Ill. on Aug 29. This is one event where the Quad City Community Development Center is helping local Metro East residents fill out their census questionnaire.
Eric Schmid
St. Louis Public Radio
The U.S. Census Bureau is set to wrap up its nationwide headcount on Wednesday, after action by the Trump administration pushed up the deadline by a month. That decision is the subject of a federal lawsuit in California, which could extend the census deadline back to its planned end date of Oct. 31. The uncertainty in when the count will end has complicated outreach efforts from Metro East community organizations seeking to increase local participation.
Sept. 25 will be Sgt. Heather Taylor’s first weekday after her retirement. But rather than kick back, she’ll join us to discuss her final battle as a police sergeant, her 20 years with the St. Louis police and what she plans to do next.