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SLIFF: 'Fish' and 'Tiger'

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: November 18, 2008 - The Fish Fall in Love -In my experience, movies built on the importance of making good food are likely to have some serious soul. Think back to Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) and Stanley Tucci's Big Night (1996) and Germany's Bella Martha (2001). You can add this movie to that list.

No surprise, such movies tend to travel in the international festival and art house circuits. (Of course, food movies aren't always at that level, just as fast-food restaurants may merely have food in them.)

The serious desire to make really good food is so close to giving genuine love (not merely falling-in but fiercely taking-care, respecting, etc.) that the significance of such cooking seems to blend into other issues and spread out like the aromas from a kitchen. How could a fierce cook not have a fierce inner life?

In this story, Aziz, an Iranian architect, comes back from Tehran to the old hometown seaport and seems ready to close down the excellent little restaurant run by four women: the chief cook, her daughter, her two old-friend assistants. The man has a claim on the property and he also has a claim on the cook, Atieh -- they were in love more than 20 years ago.

Atieh has done some bitter waiting while running her kitchen like a loving tyrant. Her beautiful and vivacious daughter is searching for her own missing fiance. Meanwhile, she is trying to reignite mom's old flame -- and she's doing a pretty good job. All is going to end as well as can be expected for fish who are willing to swim upstream.

The title refers to a line presented early and quietly in the story, then developed until the viewer understands the struggles of lovers, old and young, male and female, and why they had better be "fearless."

The movie presents endless dishes of beautiful food, most of which I simply didn't understand, but I wanted to try every dish, anyway. - Nick Otten

The Tiger's Tail

The Ireland of "The Tiger's Tail" is far removed from the hardscrabble but lyrical Emerald Isle, where poetry is fashioned out of famine and faith. This is the Ireland of the Celtic Tiger, one of mind-numbing traffic jams, constantly ringing cell phones and rampant development. "James Joyce wouldn't recognize the place," says one character.

But all is not well with hot-shot developer Liam O'Leary (Brendan Gleeson). The beefy businessman's biggest project -- a new stadium -- is going down the tubes and threatening to take the whole company with it; he's estranged from his shopaholic wife (Kim Cattrall, with a weird Irish accent) and his Marxism-spouting son; and he has the nagging sensation that he's being pursued by a threatening doppelganger out to ruin his life.

Spinning out of control, Liam uncovers some long-hidden family secrets. (It is still Ireland, after all.) And he is forced to evaluate his life and his identity. If a double took over his life, would anyone notice the difference? Is one's identity fixed or do we make it up as we go along? Does every success need a victim to go along with it?

Maybe because Ireland's prosperity is relatively new, the question of whether the pursuit of wealth perverts the pursuit of happiness -- for both the haves and have-nots -- may seem more relevant there. But, from this side of the pond, the film often seems more ponderous than insightful, more cliched than enlightening. When you grab a tiger by the tail, you expect a lot more suspenseful struggle. - Susan Hegger

Short takes (from programs):

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A Powerful Noise

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The Bet Collector

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All for Free (Sve Dzaba)

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Let the Wind Blow (Hava Aney Dey)

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Strangers (Zarim)

Eyal, an Israeli living in a kibbutz, and Rana, a Palestinian living in Paris, accidentally meet in the Berlin subway during World Cup finals. They are forced to share an apartment and fall in love - a relationship complicated when war breaks out between Israel and Lebanon.

The Custodian (El Custodio)

As a bodyguard for a high-profile politician, Ruben is reduced to a mere shadow of a man: Every action in his life is regulated by a series of mundane routines, and he must trail behind his boss, watching but never speaking.

The Wedding Director (Il Regista di matrimoni)

Dissolute filmmaker Franco Elica flees to Sicily, where he meets a host of colorful characters, including a cultured nobleman. The prince, a devoted fan of Franco's work, commissions the director to shoot the wedding of his tempestuous daughter, with whom Franco falls impulsively and dangerously in love.

Of Parents and Children (O rodicich a detech)

An aging father and his middle-aged son live vastly different lives in this comic drama. The only thing they apparently have in common is their monthly walk, a chance for each to explore his complex and ambivalent feelings toward the other.

Susan Hegger comes to St. Louis Public Radio and the Beacon as the politics and issues editor, a position she has held at the Beacon since it started in 2008.

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