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Cappies: Nerinx Hall's 'Legally Blonde' is fabulous

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Nov. 19, 2012 - She’s glamorous, fashion-savvy, and blonde — and she’s going to Harvard Law School? This isn’t some “dumb blonde” joke; it’s Nerinx Hall High School’s fabulous production of "Legally Blonde."

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the popular 2001 movie, this musical is the fast-paced, energetic story of Elle Woods, the cheery Delta Nu fashion major who decides to attend Harvard to impress her “true love.” With the support of her friends, and a little ambition, Elle is able to overcome the stigma that accompanies being blonde and transform into an intelligent, confident and successful lawyer.

Nerinx Hall’s production was a fabulous and engaging showcase of the school’s talent. From the opening to the finale, there was never a dull moment as each character commanded the stage with high energy and passion for their role.

The musical was led by the brilliant acting and vocals of Berklea Going. Her enthusiastic, lively portrayal of Elle Woods, along with her stunning voice, was unforgettable. Matching her in talent was the hilarious Liz Vasel as Paulette Buonofuonte. Vasel’s singing was just as strong as Going’s, and her comedic timing was perfect. The pair was fantastic, shining every time they spoke or sang.

The supporting cast was certainly not lacking in talent, especially when it came to the Greek Chorus. These girls were a humorous look into Elle’s mind, singing her encouragement with all of the care of her Delta Nu sisters. Their voices blended together pleasantly and their comedic insight was a highlight of the show. Additionally, Kate Kickham was a strong, hilarious surprise as Brooke Wyndham. Her performance in “Whipped Into Shape” showed a talent for mastering choreography, and her singing was impressive considering she jump-roped through the whole song.

Technical aspects of the show were outstanding. A wide variety of sets kept the background interesting throughout and the creativity shown in each was exceptional for a high school production. Transitions were quick, the sound and lighting team did an excellent job with timing, and costumes were appropriate and colorful. All of these elements combined made for a smooth environment for the actors to perform in.

The energy and talent present at Nerinx Hall High School made Legally Blonde a huge success. The cast and crew brought life to Elle Woods’ story and showed that with determination, everyone, even a blonde, can be successful!

Meghan Edwards is a student at Holt High School. The Cappies program worked with student writers to review high school theatrical productions.

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