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High Fives: Jason Rosenbaum

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, May 2, 2013 - For the Beacon's fifth birthday, we've asked people to share five favorite things from over the years.

  1. Crowell gets praise – and blame – for special session’s stalemate: Jason Crowell is only one member of a 197-member Missouri General Assembly. But few other lawmakers have had a bigger impact over the flow of legislation than he has. This profile gave a glimpse into Crowell’s background, as well as insight into how the legislative process can be a frustrating experience – which, according to your perspective, may be a good thing.
  2. Power Players series: This project was memorable in a number of ways. For one thing, the collaboration between the Beacon and other organizations brought about a graphically rich database and quality follow-up stories. But it was also an example of what happens when editors give a reporter time and space to work on something bigger than a spot news event. Because we thought long term, the Beacon was able to provide a resource to people interested about money in Missouri politics.
  3. "Destiny of the Republic" paints illuminating -- and tragic -- picture of Garfield: Not many people get excited about interviewing the author of a James Garfield biography. But as a presidential history obsessive, I found it hard not to get giddy interviewing Candice Millard on her tremendous book. Best of all, Millard proved to be an interesting enough subject to make a seemingly dull topic come alive.
  4. One in 4 million: For St. Peters couple, saving the American dream mirrors ongoing national crisis: Mary Leonard has become a pre-eminent voice on foreclosures in the metro area. But to me, her series about the Hoffmans really provided a personal glimpse into how wrenching and frustrating the process can be. The series was a phenomenal combination of personal storytelling and exposition of a complicated public policy.
  5. Series on the Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” controversy: When Todd Akin uttered the phrase that captivated the political class, Jo Mannies was in Indiana visiting her family. I was in a paddleboat in Forest Park for my wife’s birthday. That tranquility was turned on its head; and we were forced to spring quickly into action. The stories from this week by the entire staff provided context, analysis and vital information about a fast-changing story. It was an example of how covering a major event with in-depth information can happen with the right focus and some experience.
Jason is the politics correspondent for St. Louis Public Radio.

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