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New "Freaks" exhibit at World Aquarium

WE, the two-headed snake (now deceased)

By Julie Bierach

SAINT LOUIS, MO – A new exhibit called "Freaks and More" is now open at the World Aquarium in St. Louis. It's in honor of the famous 2-headed snake named "WE," who died in June.

The exhibit showcases some very unusual animals, a 2-headed, 4-legged turtle; a 2-headed, 6 -legged turtle and a 3- eyed monster western hognose snake with 2 faces.

"The third eye in the center of its head actually has two pupils. This snake has two faces," said Leonard Sonnenschein, president of the World Aquarium. "This is the only two faced snake in the world. Its mouth is unusual because it actually has two mouths and both mouths eat every other feeding," adds Sonnenschein.

Sonnenschein hopes the exhibit will teach people to respect all nature, even those that are unique to the animal kingdom. "And I believe that once we have the respect in people's heads and hearts, that can transfer into conservation, that can transfer into creating better scientists, even how we treat each other," said Sonnenschein.

The display is part of a larger exhibit designed to help educate visitors about the plight of sea turtles and the study of reptilian biodiversity.

"WE" himself will be on display. Sonneschein is having him freeze dried.


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