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GOP group filibusters tax credit bill

By Marshall Griffin, KWMU

Jefferson City, Mo. – Legislation that would expand jobs-based tax breaks was set aside by the Missouri Senate late Tuesday following several hours of debate.

The wide-ranging bill would have capped most of Missouri's tax credits, while expanding the Quality Jobs program, which Governor Jay Nixon wants.

But a group of Republican Senators, including Luann Ridgeway of Clay County, have blocked the bill with a filibuster.

"It vastly expanded programs by tens of millions of dollars without any oversight," Ridgeway said.

In its place, Ridgeway said the Senate will take up an alternate version that will contain more reforms and job incentives.

The bill is sponsored by fellow Republican John Griesheimer, who told senators that they need to compromise if they want to put unemployed Missourians back to work.

"Each and every one of you, including myself, are going to have to swallow our pride and say, you know, there's crap in this bill that I don't like, but I'm willing to choke it down for the good of this state,' and that's what I hope each and every one of you do each and every one of you!"

One of the senators who led the filibuster says an alternate version will be introduced next week that contains more reforms and job incentives.


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