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American Airlines recalling 365 former TWA flight attendants

(via Flickr/boeingdreamscape)

American Airlines is recalling more former TWA flight attendants. U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill says American will rehire 365 of the furloughed employees.

The TWA flight attendants were put at the bottom of the seniority list when the airline was bought out by American. In 2001, American laid off 2,500 flight attendants, many of whom used to work for TWA.

Roger Graham, who was among those furloughed, says the recall is great news for the flight attendants.

“They’re gone on to positions that, you know, were of lesser pay, lesser benefits," Graham said, "Many of them were struggling to get by, they were working in gas stations, they were doing many, many different things, but certainly not of the pay scale that they were at at American. So for them, it’s a sigh of relief.”

American had recalled 545 flight attendants last October. There are about 400 still on the list.

American Airlines did not return calls for comment.

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