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Missourians For Equality Hold Petition Kickoff To Change State Nondiscrimination Policy

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The gay and lesbian community is pushing to be included in a state law to protect against discrimination. The nonpartisan political action committee Missourians for Equality is kicking off its statewide petition drive in several areas across

The six-month old organization is seeking over 100,000 signatures for a ballot measure in the hopes of including gender identity and sexual discrimination into the state’s nondiscrimination policy.  Executive director and co-founder Aaron Malin has been passionate about the issue since middle school, when he witnessed anti-gay bullying and discrimination.

“When you see human beings being treated that poorly, it really motivates you to act. It’s driven me to be invested ever since and I imagine it’s something I’ll be invested in for the rest of my life,” he says

Smaller communities in and around the St. Louis area have amended their discrimination policies to accommodate the LGBT community, and citizens are now banding together to make it a state law.  

Malin knows that changing the laws will take more than individuals just pledging support. “Changes aren’t going to happen by themselves. They’re going to have to actually be caused, so people who support this and want to see it happen are going to have to actually get involved and not just kind of silently support the campaign.”

The organization received its petition approval in December. The signatures are needed by May 4 for ballot consideration in 2014.

They are holding a kickoff rally in St. Louis at the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis at 7 p.m. Those who are seeking to get involved can visit moforequality.org.

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