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After decades of contemplation and debate, a group known as Better Together is recommending an end to the “Great Divorce” between St. Louis and St. Louis County.Better Together is proposing an ambitious plan to create a unified metro government and police department and limit municipalities' ability to levy sales taxes. The plan would be decided through a statewide vote.Proponents contend it will scrape away layers of local government that has been holding the St. Louis region back. Opponents believe the plan will create an unwieldy and large centralized government that could be implemented against the will of city and county residents.

Ask Curious Louis: What's Happening With The St. Louis City-County Merger Plan?

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After nearly 150 years of separation, will St. Louis and St. Louis County reunite in 2020?

If Better Together has its way, the answer will be yes. The group has released a formal proposal to merge the city and county governments and police departments and plans to gather enough signatures to put the issue on the Missouri ballot.

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St. Louisans have talked about reuniting the region ever since the “Great Divorce” in 1876, but the Better Together report brings new urgency to an old debate. We want to help you inform your opinion (and, if this issue gets on the ballot, your vote) on the proposed St. Louis city-county merger.

What questions do you have about reuniting St. Louis with St. Louis County? What do you want to know about the Better Together report?

Full disclosure: We won’t always know the answer to your question, at least not immediately. Some answers take time to uncover. We’ll always be upfront when there’s a question we can’t yet answer.

Submit your questions in the box below, and we’ll publish answers to your questions on our Q&A: Questions Answered About Better Together’s Proposed St. Louis City-County Merger


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