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Activist Arrested at School Board Meeting

By Kevin Lavery, KWMU

St. Louis, MO – Tuesday night's meeting of the St. Louis School Board was halted for about 20 minutes when police escorted a longtime community activist away in handcuffs.

At various times during the evening, several in attendance made disparaging comments about school board members and policies. The meeting was disrupted when city police and district safety officers handcuffed activist Percy Green.

St. Louis teacher Beth Faust witnessed the altercation. "Percy just made a couple of comments of, 'give us our 5-million back ' He stopped saying anything when the security guard walked up and told him he was going to ask him to leave," Fause said. "Percy stopped talking or saying anything prior to that. It was totally uncalled for."

District security director Charles McCrary says Green was given sufficient warning before his arrest.

"He was warned the first time to stop, and told if I had to come back and warn him again, he'd be asked to leave," McCrary said. "And he continued, I went back, told him he'd have to leave and he refused. I did what I thought was best at the time, and that's it."

McCrary says Green will be charged with disturbing the peace. No other arrests were made.


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