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Sales Tax Holiday is Underway in Missouri

Clothes are among those that are tax exempt this weekend (KWMU photo)

By Tom Weber, KWMU

St. Louis, MO –

You won't pay sales tax on certain items for sale in Missouri this weekend.

A sales tax holiday on clothes, school supplies, and computers runs today through Sunday.

Articles of clothing that cost $100 or less and purchases of school supplies that total $50 or less will be sales tax free. Taxes will also be kept off computers that cost $2,000 or less and computer software purchases of $200 or less.

A number of local cities and counties have opted out of a local sales tax holiday. That means the state sales tax (4.225%) will still be deducted, but shoppers in some cities or counties may still have to pay a local sales tax.

The holiday, though, has some confused, especially those behind the counter. To hear a report from KWMU's Tom Weber, click on the 'listen' icon above.

The exempt items include:

* Clothing - any article of clothing having a taxable value of $100 or less
* School supplies - Any school supplies adding up to $50
* Computer software - taxable value of $200 or less per purchase
* Personal computers - not to exceed $2,000
* Computer peripheral devices - not to exceed $2,000

To see a list of cities that have opted out of the sales tax holiday, click here. To see a list of counties that have opted out of the sales tax holiday, click here.

***NOTE: The state sales tax holiday applies everywhere in Missouri, regardless of whether a city or county has opted out of it. The "opt-out" only applies to local city or county sales tax, which will still be charged in cities and counties that have opted out.

In other words, the 4.225% that is charged as state sales tax will be deducted everywhere in Missouri, but cities and counties that opt out will still charge their local sales tax.***


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