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Party Faithful Shift Focus to Voter Turnout


St. Louis, MO – Faithful among Missouri Democrats and Republicans have shifted their focus from getting a message out to getting actual voters out to the polls on Tuesday.

One glitch this weekend had the Missouri Democratic Party sending mail to voters that tell them to go to the wrong polling place. The party says it has fixed the error, but there are some worries that some voters will be confused.

St. Louis City election officials say more people will be in the field Tuesday to make sure the election runs smooth.

Thousands of people couldn't vote four years ago because election judges couldn't verify those people's registrations.

Election judges this time around will all have Palm Pilots so they can carry with them the full roster of registered voters in the city.

Teams of lawyers will be positioned at polling places across Missouri on Tuesday as part of a national effort to protect the integrity of the elections. Whatever side they're on, they say they're ready to go to court if they have evidence that voters' rights have been abridged.

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