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One fan's effort to save Busch Stadium's arches

The stadium has 96 arches around the top. (KWMU file photo)

By Maria Hickey, KWMU

St. Louis, MO – With Busch Stadium set to come down after this season, one fan had an idea to preserve the 96 arches that line the top of the stadium.

Joe Bauer thought they could be removed and put along the East St. Louis riverfront, or in Forest Park.

He met with Cardinals President Mark Lamping to discuss the idea, but Bauer says it ended up being too hard to pull off.

"They were designed by an important architect [Edward Durrell Stone]," says Bauer. "But way beyond the architectural importance of them, anyone who's sat there and looked up at them has thought this is just a great place to sit and watch baseball and just enjoy yourself."

Cardinals' vice president Bill DeWitt says the team liked the idea, but the arches' concrete and steel structure would make it nearly impossible to pull off.

"They're just huge, huge structures, that given the timeframe of how we're moving from the old Busch stadium to the new Busch stadium is going to make it really tough to preserve them," DeWitt says.

But DeWitt adds a few arches could be reconstructed, using original blueprints.

Bauer is a graphic artist who lives in Iowa. He first went to games as a child when he visited his grandparents in St. Louis.

To read more about Bauer's idea for the arches, click here.

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